Teacher Training

Anuttara Yoga Shala is a 200-Hr and 500-Hr RYS

Teacher Training

We offer rigorous teacher training programs that will transform your life!

At Anuttara, we set the bar high. We believe the more highly trained the teacher, the better.

We offer our 200-hour graduates 50 percent off all future trainings, making it extremely affordable to earn your full 500-hour certification.

Anuttara 200-hour graduates receive a permanent 50 percent discount on all class packages and future teacher training courses at the Shala.

Anuttara-trained yoga teachers are in high demand.

Anuttara Hatha Yoga 200-Hour Teacher Training - JANUARY 2024

Come and learn how to share your passion for Yoga as a very well trained and educated Teacher of The Sacred Science.

Candidates must have at least six months of consistent practice. They must be at least 18 years of age and they must hold at least a high school diploma. Tertiary education is very helpful.

Candidates must take at least four classes weekly. We meet for lectures on weekends. Trainees have to do at least four Anuttara Yoga classes of any style weekly.

Anuttara Raja Yoga 200-Hour Teacher Training Oct. 15 - Dec. 10, 2023

This course centers on the study of the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali — the essence of Raja, or Classical, Yoga.
In Part 1, students learn Sanskrit basics, psychology and philosophy that are the foundation of Anuttara Raja Yoga. We will break down each Sutra, word by word, and delve into its meaning.
Graduates of the Philosophy component can elect to take a 200 Hour Certificate or continue to Part II.

Learn the Anuttara Raja Flows and the deeper meaning behind each pose. There is a strong focus on anatomical structures and how they interact with natural forces.

Candidates must be of sound mind and body. We meet every weekend. Saturdays and Sundays from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Trainees have to do at least four Anuttara Yoga Raja classes weekly with Yogacarya. Must have met all course requirements and financial requirements for graduation

Anuttara Vinyasa Yoga 200-Hour Teacher Training - June 18 - Aug. 13, 2023

This intermediate/advanced course will deepen your understanding of the methodology, philosophy and physiology of Anuttara Yoga.
Candidates should be registered yoga teachers or advanced practitioners who have a strong Vinyasa Yoga practice of at least 6 months!


Candidates must have a strong Vinyasa practice and be free of any injuries. Must have met all course requirements and payments for graduation. Trainees have to do at least four Anuttara Vinyasa Yoga classes weekly.